For the first time in the history of The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Record was awarded for the largest shopping bag made from paper which is 18.55 m (60 ft 10.3 in) long, 11.33 m (37 ft 2 in) wide and 2.94 m (9 ft 7.7 in) deep and which was achieved by FootPrints X4 and and measured at the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India, on 12 January 2014.




  • Henry Throop

    I appraise FootPrints which being a technical tide, offering everyone a chance to sweep off their wisdom beyond confine.

    Dr. Henry Throop,
    Senior Research Scientist, NASA
  • Meetul Patel

    Footprints X6 provided me a chance to interact and share my business ideas and strategies with the budding minds. Kudos for great success!

    Meetul Patel,
    General Manager, Microsoft India
  • Jeff Leiberman

    I had a wonderful time at FootPrints. Amazing guest speakers with a wide variety of talents.

    Jeff Leiberman,
    Robocist at MIT and Host of show Time Warp on Discovery
  • Marshall Strabala

    It was a mesmerizing experience, the students were so enthusiastic and interactive. Congratulations to Team FootPrints for the success of the event.

    Marshall Strabala,
    One of the Chief Architects , Burj Khalifa
  • Satyajit Bhatkal

    Congratulations to Team FootPrints for the splendid event. The lectures and student participation was amazing.

    Satyajit Bhatkal,
    Director, Satyamev Jayte
  • woman-1-800x800

    FootPrintsX6 provided a platform to make my Illusions a reality for the lovely audience I perceived. I hope knowledge will always be reinforced by entertainment through FootPrints!

    Chris Korn,


Team FP

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.


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    However, new research has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA.

    Our life experiences may be passed on to our children and our children's children - and now scientists report that they have discovered that this inheritance can be turned on or off.

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    30 days from exam, most of us start working on plans to tackle all the course and try to distribute work evenly to each day ahead. Yet somehow we have to replan our strategy 20 days before as the TV Series recommended by a friend, suddenly becomes way more interesting.

    Rationality-0 Gratification -1

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About Us

"Amidst chaos, simplicity emerges.”

Through time and adolescence, FootPrints has grown from a paper presentation event involving 30 participants in the year 2001, inaugurated by Sir Narayan Murthy to the largest technical symposium of Gujarat. Energizing the potentials towards success, FootPrints X6 had the spectacular participation of over 25,000 students from all over India. Technical events featured were robo-wars, car races, weaving competitions, structure development, complex chemical compositions, coding events and guest lecture series comprising of Chris Korn, Meetul Patel, Dr.Henry Throop and Roel Vertegaal. Mozilla Firefox, Google Developers Group and Solarizer were the workshops conducted this year along with the musical concert of Ash King and a comedy show by The Comedy Factory.

Adhering to the prisma of belief in sharing the joy, FootPrints Social Responsibility has adopted two villages, Shahpura and Umarva and also created Guinness World Record for the largest paper bag and has proudly conducted a Cyclothon with the spirit of 'Go Green'. FootPrints X6 had also conducted blood donation camp on World Blood Donors’ Day and medical check-up camp in Umarva.

Moving ahead on the magnificent journey, FootPrints is about to unleash in a manner unfathomable. Catch a glimpse of the upcoming fever and feel the rush of technicality as the coming winter is going to be conflagrant.