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What are the basic ingredients required to create a religion? A God to worship, a Holy book to point at, and an own version of "creation of the universe story" would be the most important ones. Apart from these you would need some minions looking desperately for their master and would do anything that their master says.The best way to recruit them is to use social media.

Mix all the ingredients in the right proportion and violĂ  you just invented a new religion. Such is the history of "Dinkoism". It is a parody religion having its roots residing in Kerala. It is the perfect blend of all the ingredients. The devotees worship the great lord "Dinkan" who is a superhero mouse, who got his powers due to the experiments conducted on him by aliens. Their Holy book is the weekly comic book in which the almighty features exclusively. The book talks about dinosaurs, aliens, and many more scientific theories. Dinkoists believe that the world was created when lord Dinkan got bored with eating and laughed out loud. The laugh apparently created time and space. Which other religion these days has a great scientific backup to their theories? It's what makes dinkoism more eligible and significantly attractive to follow.

Well in any other religion of course the God is always a personal helpline for their devotees but lord Dinkan is too busy to do so . He needs to pay more attention to managing group of galaxies, black holes etc. Hence summing up that the humans are not the center of the universe theory.

Recently the dinkoists are gearing up to see their first miracle-a resurrection. Who expected that!
The best part is it's an open religion, no caste, no reservations and women friendly. Well that's the best marketing strategy to promote a religion. That explains the increasing number of followers.
Which religion to follow or follow none depends upon ones own choice but which is better, is an endless debate of countless possibilities. Well , guess the world wide religions just found a raging new competitor.